Sonia Sofia Trošt

Sonia Sofia Trošt completed a Masters at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana, prior to this she graduated with a degree in Architecture. Sonia has further specialised within the area of Eco art and Eco architecture, completing works and projects both locally and internationally (Lugano, Switzerland, London, Great Britan, Bangalore-Vrindavana, India)

Sonia Trošt collection ART Mandala has been presented locally and internationally :

2019: ART Expo, Ljubljana, Internautica 2018, Center Obilja, Koper

2018: galerija Santa Maria Gualtieri, PAVIA – Italija, Triologiija: galerija Središča ROTUNDA, Koper

2017: Pallazo Congressi, Riva del Garda – Ita, galerija Austrotel – Ljubljana, Galerija LifeClass Portorož /Slovenia / , ART Expo, Ljubljana,

2016: Formaviva ~ Debeli rtič /Slo/ , Domus Medica – Ljubljana /Slo/ , Festival Benessere / Andalo, / Italija /, Internavtika 2016 – 2017 /Slo /, Formaviva – Lago di Molveno /Italija/,

2015: : Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies KSEVT /Slo/, Galerija ROTUNDA Koper /Slo/, Eko ART Center Pula /Cro/, Atrij CONVENT Ankaran /Slo/
Museum of Puppetry in Ljubjana.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Her art and images are presented from another point of view. Throughout her lifetime Sonia has been inspired and excited by the search for, and learning of the truth of our human existence. Through the world of colour, admiration of nature and the search to find the primal patterns of architecture within the environment that surrounds us, she felt the call to create ART Mandalas. Indeed, through them flows the primal forms, designs and colours of our planet, universe, and wider dimensions of existence, which today man is still not even aware of.

Through the medium of painting, a wide range of vibration and energy of nature, the universe, and of course ourselves is transferred to canvas. All this, in all its dimensions, depicts the world through ART Mandala. The explosion of colours, forms and shapes spill on the canvas in larger dimensions. It is the flow of positive thoughts, ideas, transferred from the invisible world to the visible. Crystal codes are inserted into the energy of the paintings that reflect the union between the stars and the planets of the universe. The ART Mandalas incorporate a combination of colours, shapes, natural materials, swarovski crystals and sand.

On TV Slovenia Sonia led the section on art and architecture of the ART ACT and she has travelled across India several times, filming documentaries to capture India’s spirit.

This country is charged with a world of colour, magical shapes and above all great spiritual potential. ART Mandala finds its original patterns and inspiration in the Vastu Shastra, the ancient science of art and architecture, which have been said to have originated from before 3000 BC. The ancient sciences including the science of Vastu Shastra were written in Sanskrit “- the ancient language, which is also said to be the origin of Indo-European languages. This ancient language has its own sounds and records and have been converted into symbols; each sound bears its own symbol. It is this sounds and symbols that Sonia Trošt also explores in a project called ART & SOUND Mandala, in collaboration with one of the greatest Italian experts in the field of research vocals, Imelijem Alessandro (Alex Imelio).

Together they are also discovering the sounds of various phenomena in nature, and within the micro- and macrocosm. Through the use of various scientific instruments these primal sounds are then converted into symbols. Finally, these symbols are revealed through an explosion of colour, form and shape by Sonia Trošt and expressed in larger dimension on canvas.

Sonia Trošt’s lives and works on the Slovenian coast with her work predominantly focused on the field of environmental art. Projects are implemented at home and abroad under the universal title ECOLIFE ART.